Mobile Phone Charging Cable Data Fast Charge


Apple USB fast charge
Apple USB fast charge

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Features & Compatibility

Product information :

Interface : Lightning

Length: 3M

Applicable models: Apple

Number of Breakout Connectors: Single Head

Model: H001/20W fast charge 1M (imitation original gray, H001/20W fast charge 1.5M (imitation original gray), H001/20W fast charge 2M (imitation original gray), H002/20W fast charge 1 meter/imitation original gray OD3 .5, H002/20W fast charge 1.5m/imitation original gray OD3.5, H002/20W fast charge 2 meters/imitation original gray OD3.5, F002/Apple USB fast charge imitation original gray/1 meter, F002/Apple USB Fast charge imitation original gray/1.5 meters, F002/Apple USB fast charge imitation original gray/2 meters, F002/charger 5V1A, H001/20W fast charge 3M (imitation original gray

Packing list:

Mobile phone charging cable*1

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

1M, 2M


Apple USB fast charge

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