Type-C data cable charger cable


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Features & Compatibility

Style: straight head style

Number of branch joints: single head

Length: 1.2m

Interface type: type-C

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 50 cm

Black, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Customer Reviews

92 reviews for Type-C data cable charger cable

  1. V***h

    But it's a nice looking cord that feels like it is going to last a very long time. Oddly matches my bedroom which was non intended at all.

  2. D***d

    All OK, cable works and fast loading

  3. D***n

    Great quality and fast charge.

  4. Z***g

    Well built, sturdy and abrasion resistant.

  5. R***a

    Love it and it's long

  6. V***h

    Great quality. You can tell it's not a cheap gas station cord. I expect it to last a long time.

  7. N***z

    there was nothing to to dislike about it ,got it for my new phone
    no remarkno remark

  8. D***e

    Great charger cable and a great price.

  9. F***h

    This is a very durable cable that quickly charges my devices. It is compatible with fast charging.

  10. C***d

    This one works really well, fast and sturdy

  11. T***v

    So far, so good. They seem durable and am Enjoying the length.

  12. R***Z

    Mal vendedor.

  13. R***Z

    Mal vendedor

  14. K***a

    Love this one. I had the the original cable but I had issues since the electrical socket was not close to my work desk. Having an extended cable has helped me a lot allowing me to have the phone next to me on my desk. Added advantage, it charges up the phone pretty quickly.

  15. A***v

    My favorite go-to chargers for iPhone!

  16. S***h

    I love the cable, the material is pretty strong and the main thing it charges my phone good. In about 2.5 hours it's fully charged from 0 to 100%. I love that its durable, I can put it in any bag and take with me whether I go!

  17. L***y

    Love this charging cord! Very durable and charges fast! The length is perfect too.

  18. N***a

    I wanted a very long cable mainly so that i can stretch it till my chair.. this serves the purpose.. Cable is also good

  19. R***a

    These is a much cheaper option as compared to actual apple brand cords. The quality appears to be quite good so far. Been using it for a week. No issues. Like it.

  20. R***a

    The calve is durable, the charging speed is amazing. It takes me only 3 hours to power up my iPhone X 128gb. Much faster than the apple original one. I love it and I recommend it.

  21. S***g


  22. V***a

    Cable is very nice, and the customer service is amazing!

  23. B***h

    Great value
    no remarkno remark

  24. W***y

    Honestly the reviews speak for this product. Really solid aftermarket lightning charging cable and it's very affordable.

  25. L***z

    Very good quality.

  26. Z***r

    Bought to go with battery pack and the whole package works great for me. Highly recommend!

  27. Y***n

    for the price

  28. R***v


  29. V***y

    Excellent USB charger, super convenient, highly recommended

  30. A***v

    Just what I expected. No surprises.

  31. A***n

    Perfect length for when you're sitting on the couch and wanna use and charge your phone. Great quality, that I purchased another one for work.

  32. P***k

    Mega recommended!!! Shipping 9dni to Poland, cables quickly ładują, premium quality, thick. No Cossack 🙂

  33. E***h

    Great price, works perfectly with my phone

  34. S***v

    This is a Great Cable for the Money. It appears very durable and should last long.

  35. V***y

    Seems to be very durable

  36. S***w

    It's very sturdy.

  37. E***y

    Amazing product ! I recommended

  38. R***a

    Tired of apple cords having such a short life. These have been excellent so far

  39. D***a

    It's been a great a great charger for the price!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  40. I***a

    Super strong and worth it

  41. K***v

    I was in need of a new charger and this is just what I was looking for. It's a good length and charges my phone quickly! It feels like it is durable and won't break like some I have had in the past do.

  42. K***a

    Perfectly fit for my iphone and ipad. The length is long enough and it looks like a high quality product from a well-known brand.

  43. D***a

    Very good

  44. E***d

    I like the quality of the cable and the material it's made of. It's fast charging and works perfectly with my devices.

  45. A***v

    It's the most detailed product than Apple original cable. The USB fast charge is way beyond my imagination. I like the touch on this cable also. It's very flexible, doesn't not like some cable so hard and solid.

  46. P***o

    Works great so far, I didn't notice any drop in charging speed using this with my fist generation iPad Pro. I haven't seen the cloth sheathing fraying so it's pretty durable.

  47. S***r

    Amazing product,fast charging and very durable would highly recommend!!!!

  48. I***g

    very useful and easy to pack!!good quality and nice price!!

  49. D***e

    I usually charge my phone while watching tv, and txting , i had hard time find good price usbc charger with good lengths. But this one is decent one

  50. P***a

    I love its perfect to use it with my laptop, the super thick material that makes it durable, it is really long.

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